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Sixth Form 16 – 19 Bursary Fund

As you may be aware, the government had made changes to the financial support available to sixth form students with lower than average household income. The purpose of this page is to explain these changes.


The 16 – 19 Bursary Fund provides support for sixth form students in financial need and is administered by the school. The amount of funding available for each school to distribute through the bursary funding has been determined by the government. In total, the amount available for distribution does not match the amount available previously under the EMA. Maidstone Grammar School for Girls is therefore committed to distributing the bursary fund to those students with the greatest need. The notes here give further details on the bursary fund, how applications can be made and how decisions will be reached.

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls Bursary


To be eligible to receive a bursary a student:

  • must be under 19 on the 31st August in the academic year in which he/she starts the programme of study
  • must satisfy Young People’s Learning Agency residency criteria

To continue to receive a bursary a student must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The student must not have unauthorised and unexplained absence or lateness from lessons or from school
  • The student must not have broken the terms of the Sixth Form contract

Bursaries, wherever possible, are paid in kind. At the end of each term a review will be made of how well these conditions have been met and adjustments may be made to the next allocation.

There are two levels of Bursary Payment:

Changes in Circumstance Over the Academic Year

A small contingency amount will be retained from the overall bursary fund so that some support could be available in the event of a sudden deterioration in the financial circumstances of a student. Payments to students may also be adjusted to take account of improvements in a student’s circumstances.


Those wishing to apply for a bursary must complete the application form, which will be available from the sixth form office, the finance office, and on the school website, and must submit it no later than Sunday 11th September 2016. (If your circumstances deteriorate during the academic year, you should speak to a member of the sixth form management team).


All applications will be considered and assessed by the Leadership Team. The parent/carer will be notified of the decision, and an indication of the amount, if applicable, within 21 days of receipt of the application. You have the right to appeal and/or complain to the Headteacher if you feel that your case has not been given fair consideration. This must be in writing. The final decision rests with the headteacher.


Any queries relating to an application should be made to the Key Stage 5 Learning Mentor in the first instance. Tel: 01622 752103 or Email: central@mggs.org.