Science Specialism

About Our Specialist Status

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls has been a Specialist School for Science and Mathematics since 2003. During this time the activities we have been involved in have significantly grown. We are known as a leading school in the area for our Science and Mathematics teaching and outreach, as well as the range of extracurricular activities that take place in the school as part of our specialism.

We promote STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, in our local partner schools and in the wider community. We aim to raise achievement in Science and Mathematics, to help other curriculum areas to use these subjects in their teaching, both in our school and in the other local schools, and to forge links with higher education institutions and local businesses.

In Science, our specialist status has led to the introduction of courses such as GCSE Astronomy. We have refurbished our laboratories and purchased new equipment, including ICT equipment, to enhance lessons. The number of students studying A level Sciences has increased in recent years. From September 2016 there will be 16 A level Science classes and 8 A level Mathematics classes.

Our annual STEM week involves events such as a visit to Howletts Wild Animal Park, and a Big Reptile Show, as well as Science careers guidance and Science-related activities in a range of subject areas. Students talk of how inspirational they have found the activities they have participated in.

As we are a girls’ school, we are keen to encourage as many students as possible to continue studying STEM subjects beyond GCSE, as the national picture is that more boys tend to choose scientific subjects at A Level and in Higher Education. We are committed to nurturing the scientists of the future, but even for those students who do not wish to take their scientific studies beyond GCSE, we aim to reinforce the importance of STEM in everyday life.