Design Technology at MGGS

Design_Technology_at_mggsThis academic year has presented an array of challenges encompassing many different aspects of everyday life.  In DT, 2020-2021 has highlighted that now is not the time to seek the comfortable familiarity of the past but rather it is time to progress, to move forward and to challenge ourselves on what we think we know and how or why we have come to believe such things. The pandemic has inevitably brought out the best of designers, makers and creators across the world, all working together in striving for a better future.

As a generation of creatives, with their own new and hopeful ideas, students at MGGS are critically important in playing their part in paving the way forward, not just within our own school community but also within our wider society. This year has allowed both staff and students in DT to be actively curious in the way in which we approach challenging circumstances and subsequently adapt to change. Being curious fuels our appetite to learn and wanting to learn is far more important than being right. Both curiosity and learning have the ability to temper our fear of trying something new or different.  

As a result, students have worked tirelessly to challenge themselves, to work outside their comfort zone, to develop their skills and ultimately broaden their knowledge and understanding of the wider world in the DT context.  We have been profoundly captivated by the commitment, hard work and tenacity of students in their DT lessons in what have been inexplicable circumstances this year. We look forward to seeing all students back in September, ready to embark on the next stage of shaping the future.

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