Geography Club @MGGS

We have had a really successful launch of the KS3 Geography club this term which is run by our Geography prefects. 

“Geography club runs every Wednesday lunchtime and is open for students in Key Stage 3. This term we’ve played games, quizzes, watched documentaries, competed through Kahoots, and most recently we had our first competition, based around COP27. The students had the challenge of coming up with their own way to fund climate action, and then had to tell us where they would use the money, and how this would help with the international goal of preventing global temperatures rising above 1.5 degrees. The students could present this however they liked, and we had speeches, presentations, apps and even a website coded!

Well done to our winners! We hope you enjoy reading your books” Ellie, Liv and Harriet – Year 13 Geography Prefects

Geography Club @MGGS  MGGS Geography

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