Headteacher’s End of Term Update

This has been a very busy term. It has been pleasing to be in school throughout this term and be able to continue with regular school activities. Clearly, the highlight of this term has been House Arts. All credit to the House Leaders who have managed  various scenarios, including having to replan and reorganise when key members have been required to self isolate. 

My thanks to all the staff who have been involved to ensure House Arts has been able to take place: Mrs Smith, Mrs Wilkinson, Miss Stanley, Mrs Manders, and Network Team.

It does seem that every event needs at least three different contingency plans, to cater for  where we are in the Covid cycle when the event occurs. This clearly creates a significant amount of extra work for staff.

It has been very good to see extra curricular activities return, and to see the enjoyment and pleasure each activity gives to students.

Can I take this opportunity to remind you of the need for all students to continue to take regular LFD tests and the government request that ALL students take a LFD test on either Sunday evening or Monday morning before we return to school on 1st November.

Can I wish each student and their family a restful half term, trusting that each one of us remains in good health.                                                                          

Miss Deborah Stanley, Headteacher

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