House Arts is coming…

Last year Saxons house shone the brightest and won the jewel in the crown as MGGS House Arts overall winner.  Who will be this year’s winners?

This year’s theme is Past, Present and Future

The day is about showcasing the fantastic performances that House Leaders have put together, coming together as a school community and reflecting on our experiences of the past year.

Our school has a very well established House system going back many decades.  Every student is a member of either Britons, Danes, Normans, Romans, Saxons or Vikings.  During the course of the year there are a wide range of House competitions, including our Sports Day. House Arts is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of House events and is an annual competition rotating between Music, Drama and Dance.  In the space of one term, Sixth Form House leaders have worked tirelessly with some of the members of their Houses to produce performances of outstanding quality.  See next week’s News & Blog for the announcement of the overall winners 2021!

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