International Women’s Day

On Monday MGGS celebrated the careers of all of our female Alumni and we would like to thank those who have agreed to feature on posters to help inspire our current students. #MGGSGRIT #IDW2021 #inspirationalwomen #mggs_

Here are some of our inspirational women!

mggsgrit_Bethany_S  mggsgrit_Catherine_w

mggsgrit_Daisy_H  mggsgrit_Debbie_t

mggsgrit_eleanor_s  mggsgrit_Ella-D

mggsgrit_Emma_GS  mggsgrit_Hannah_r

mggsgrit_Helen_B  mggsgrit_Helen_W

mggsgrit_Katie_S  mggsgrit_Poppy_J

mggsgrit_Sophie-C  mggsgrit_Victoria_G

mggsgrit_Becky_S  mggsgrit_Tanya_F


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