MGGS Black History Month Cultural Dress Design Competition Winners


As a department we have been blown away by the creativity of the entries received for the Black History Month Cultural Design Design Competition. The attention to detail and the appreciation of traditional customary dress from around the world was outstanding.  The way we dress allows us to express ourselves, our culture and our identity; it is a fundamental declaration of who we are as individuals and allows us to form connections with others from both similar and differing cultures. 

Most designs took inspiration from African and Caribbean cultures as there are many distinctive styles, techniques and dyeing methods for both decorative and functional purposes in these traditional garments. This undoubtedly allowed for a range of aesthetically pleasing and truly eye-catching designs to be generated. 

The overall winners from Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 respectively were Chloe H, Amritha S and Jasmine N. Each student will receive an Amazon voucher via email in due course in recognition of their excellent designs and participation in DT’s extra curricular programme. 

Here are their winning entries:

A special mention also goes to Elizabeth D in Year 8 for making her own version of a Black History inspired dress, well done Elizabeth!

MGGS Black History Month        MGGS Black History Month Cultural Dress Design

MGGS Black History Month Cultural Dress Design Competition Winners

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