MGGS ‘Ray of Sun’ Project


In term 4 we launched our ‘Ray of Sun’ project house competition and our students have been busy planting their sunflower seeds for hope, gratitude and the environment.

Currently in the lead with the tallest sunflower is the Danes with a height of 152.5cm, followed closely by the Romans and the Vikings.  The house with the most sunflowers is currently the Vikings.  

Do not worry if you have not yet planted your seeds as the competition will continue to run over Summer until final results are collected at the start of Term 1.  Keep submitting your entries to your House Leaders as they flower this Summer!

Each house will get:

– 1 housepoint per sunflower;

– 50 housepoints for the biggest sunflower, 30 for the second and 15 for the third biggest;

– 50 housepoints for the 1st best gifted sunflower, 30 for the second and 15 for the third.

To find out our resons why, watch the assembly on YouTube (YouTube video attributions: Thank you to the University of New South Wales, Sydney (UNSW Sydney / Thorax) for permitting us to use their footage. Music attribution: Images from Wikipedia commons).


sunflower_project_by_mggs_students        ray_of_sun_project_by_mggs_students

ray_of_sun_project_at_mggs         mggs_ray_of_sun_project

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