MGGS Year 13 Leavers’ Assembly

On Monday, we had a fantastic opportunity to see our Year 13 students in school for their Leavers’ Assembly.  Miss Stanley, Mrs Ransom and Mrs Wilkinson all shared memories of the last two years with this cohort, and praised, in particular, their creativity, resilience and positivity throughout the Covid pandemic, which has obviously significantly altered their Sixth Form experience.  The outgoing Head Student Team also shared some thoughts and thanked both their peers and the staff of MGGS for their support and care, and the fun that they’ve shared over the last two years.  Students from the Yearbook team concluded the assembly with some good-humoured awards to teachers and their peers before we all enjoyed ice cream, photographs with friends and a catch up.

We are so incredibly proud of this year group and particularly the good character they have demonstrated during the last two years.  We wish them health and happiness for the future and look forward to seeing them again during the summer break. 

Year_13_mggs_students_leavers_assembly     Mggs_Assembly_Year_13_Leavers

Year_13_Leavers     Year_13_Leavers_at_mggs

Year_13_say_goodbye_to_mggs     MGGS_Year_13_Leavers_Assembly

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