MGGS Year 7 Marchants Hill Bonding Trip

Marchants_hill_bus_driverLast weekend 152 of MGGS’s Year 7 went to Marchants Hill in Surrey. The journey begins for our new Year 7 students!  Pictured here is Kevin, coach driver of coach 1 with his lovely coach named Sarah Jane – see the number plate!

The next picture features Miss Stanley, Headteacher wishing the students a safe and enjoyable trip.


Students took part in a variety of team building activities and many conquered their fear of heights. The giant swing proved popular with both students and staff and students raced to get to the top of the climbing wall. 

The sensory trail showed how the students were able to work together to make their way blindfolded through the woods and they learned how to communicate without using words in problem solving where some ingenious methods were witnessed. Many students had not stayed away from home before having missed out on residential visits in Primary School and this was another challenge that they were able to overcome. This term has been very busy for Year 7 as they have had to learn so many new routines. Have a rest over half term and come back refreshed.

Marchants_hill_teachers_giant_swing    Year_7_students_giant_swing_marchants

mggs_student_tackles_jacobs_ladder_marchants_hill     mggs_trapeze_activity_marchants_hill_Year_7

“I want to say a big thank you to Mrs Ryan and all the staff who made that residential trip possible” Mrs N Lawrence – Assistant Headteacher for KS3

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