Multicultural Day

On Monday we celebrated the rich diversity of our school community: students and staff were encouraged to come dressed in clothing reflecting their individual identity: their ethnic background, a flag they identify with, a team they support, etc.  At lunchtime we watched a range of dance styles in the Main Hall and sampled food from all over the world brought in by students.

During period 5, students engaged in discussions around what defines identity to help raise awareness about our diverse community and their disparate life experiences.  The money raised on the day will be donated to the 3 student-elected charities:

It was wonderful to see the whole school come together and demonstrate what an inclusive, respectful community we are.

Mrs N Lawrence – Assistant Headteacher KS3 & EDI Lead

Muticultural Day at mggs

Multicultural Day celebrations Muticultural day - mggs

Multicultural Day

Multicultural day celebrated at mggs   Celebrating multicultural day at mggs

MGGS celebrate Multicultural Day  Amazing celebrations at multicultural day

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