Year 13 Leavers Assembly

On Wednesday, 17th May we hosted our Year 13 leavers assembly for our MGGS Class of ‘23.  It is with a great mix of emotions that we bid all our Year 13 students good luck and farewell.  The assembly was led by our departing Head Students who did a great job in pulling together speeches, videos, photos, stories and awards to mark the occasion. 

All our Year 13 students have been utterly amazing throughout their time at MGGS. They are what every student lower down the school strives to be. They have been leaders, role models, inspirations. They have set the standards incredibly high for other years to follow.

So now is the time to say thank you and goodbye and for them to start their post-MGGS adventures. Remember our motto ‘non sibi sed omnibus’ – be kind and good to people you meet on your way. Dream big and be optimistic about whatever you are doing – you are now MGGS Alumni – go out into the world and be brave! Make an impact! Be the best you can be – the sky’s the limit. 

So it is indeed difficult for us to bid you all goodbye. But we wish nothing but the best for each and every one of you. We are proud of you all. You will all remain in our hearts.

So although today is your last formal school day, remember… Once MGGS, Always MGGS.


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