YouCreate Nomination for Alice… Get Voting!


We are delighted to let you know that one of our Art students, Alice G in Year 129 at MGGS, has been shortlisted for UCA’s annual creative YouCreate Competition.

There is a ‘Public Vote’ prize available too. If you and any other parents, carers, staff or students would like to cast a vote for Alice or any other artworks, you can do so online.

‘Sapphic’ by Alice G, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls 

I named my piece ‘Sapphic’ as this relates to relationships between lesbians. I think it is a beautiful word and this artwork represents how I see it in my mind. I chose to look at gay culture for my artwork as it means a lot to me and I believe giving everyone equal representation can help us work towards a more accepting society. In my piece, I drew a lesbian couple with very different styles showing affection towards each other. I did this to show the diversity in gay culture and how so many different types of people come together. I chose to draw a lesbian couple as they lack representation in media as the focus is normally on gay couples. The couple are against a sunset with accompanying clouds and mountains and the colours used in the background are those of the background are those of the lesbian flag.

 The work is currently being displayed on the UCA website along with the rest of the shortlisted entries, and they are in the running to win one of the top prizes.

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